Red power❤️

Helllooouuuuu everyone !!! How are you my darlings ?! How’s your day ?Here is my new post about the best color for women ! RED ❤

I know ,not everyone loves the red but i think it make you so sexy and elegant , feminine.. So in this shooting for you everything on me is from exept the bag is from Coach!

In zalando i think everyone knows that they have such an amazing stuff there!When i bought this one piece i was not sure about the color ,because i’m not a fan of white.

I wear a lot of black but then i was thinking summer is coming so i think white should be cool !  And because lot of you were asking me which camera i use for my pictures , it’s NIKON D500 i love this camera i think the lights are perfect and all the rest is just amazing .

I also have a small camera which you can connect with your iphone and this one is also so cool the name is DxO one. If you want i can make an article for my cameras, just let me know in the comments below !

So i hope you guys like it! And if you wanna follow me on instagram or facebook here are the links:

Let’s be friends 🙂

Hope you have a good weekend , take care all :*

Nadica Cocnhatupa

9 réflexions sur “Red power❤️

  1. Bonsoir,

    Excusez-moi de vous déranger mais comment faites-vous pour que l’on puisse agrandir vos photographies en cliquant dessus car de mon côté, j’ai beau tout essayé et je n’y arrive pas.

    Quant à l’assistance, ils me disent que cela n’est pas possible via…

    Or, vous êtes la preuve que cela fonctionne.

    Je m’excuse encore du dérangement occasionné et je vous remercie à l’avance pour votre réponse.



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