Destinations wishlist 2017 

Hello everyone!!!

Today I was like oh I really wanna go somewhere when I’ve never been!  So I will show you some of the countries that I want to go ! I don’t know when because you need a budget for that but who knows I say one day I wil !!! 😜

Number one 1 

Brazil !

I love everything about this country!! I speak Portuguese and I know a lot of Brazilian people here in Geneva !they are the most kind people ever! And yes I love farofa and feijão I mean I love everything! 😂💗🇧🇷☀️🌊🎶 and the samba of course !!!! 💃🏽 Here are some pictures of me with Brazilian flag in 2012 when I was used to dance with my Brazilian friends for one event in Geneva ! Haha and the rest pictures are the lovely Brazil ! Enjoy 😊

Number 2 : Peru 🇵🇪

Yes ! My husband is from Peru. And I think this country has such an amazing nature and is rich in history! I mean Machu Pichu is one of the most visited places in the world! Anyway I speak Spanish too and I love it because like the Brazilian , Spanish is a sensual language! I already know a lot of traditional meals like : arroz chaufa, lomo, ceviche ! 🤤 i love all of these meals ! I can’t wait to go there, because I did not visit yet ! But I think this will be one of the first travels that I will do away from Europe! I wil visit because my husband has his family there and it’s easy to get directions and be with good company! Here are some pictures from Peru !

Number 3 : Macedonia 🇲🇰

I mean ! Helouuuu ! You thought i will forget my lovely country for this wishlist ?! Of course I already lived there and I know everything about my country but I just wanted to show you some prettiness!! Ahamm! Anyway for everyone that don’t know I’m from Macedonia! Yes like Alexander the Great ! Exactly! Since I’m here in Switzerland Geneva , i don’t have a lot of time to go home in my country so I miss my home so bad sometimes , and my family of course ! I hope i can return this year and see everyone! In Macedonia we love music and drinks ! For the meals I’ll say we love meat 🍖! 🤣  Macedonian is my  first language and of course like every person from Balkan countries I speak Serbian also and Bulgarian! There’s some pictures of my lovely country! Enjoy 🇲🇰💗

My city 💕
So there’s my 3 country that i want absolutely visit this year ! If you already visited one of these let me know in the comments below ! I hope you like this post a bit different from my others post !

Hope you have an amazing weekend with the people you love ! 💕

Love Nadica xx 💗

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