My favourite bloggers !

Negin Mirsalehi ❤

I absolutely love everything about this women ! She is so creative and so funny. I love love her style she is so simple and beautiful in the same time. They make perfect couple with Maurits , so yes i hope i can meet her one day she inspires me so much every day ! Here are some of her looks that i’m obsessed with !

Her profile here :


Pamella Ferrari

This Brazilian blogger is one of my favorite bloggers from Brazil like you know i speak Portuguese so i think she’s so funny and all the looks from her are so amazing ! What do you guys think about these outfits ? My favorite is the first one !I’m definitely going to try something like this ! Her profile here


Can we just take one minute to talk about this girl ? OMG i absolutely love her style ! I mean i just think she is so pretty and her style is so classy ! This are my favorite outfits from her ! Her profile here

Elvira Abasova

Yessss! She’s a Russian girl based in Geneva Switzerland. And yes i can just say that she is absolutely stunning i love her style and everything!  I tried to meet her on a Bvlgari event here in Geneva but i didn’t make it ..;( snif but i will try to meet her in other event !She’s such a cutie so go check her profile here  elvira_abasovainsta

I hope you liked this post ! Do you want to see more post like this one ?

Have a nice weekend all !

Love xx


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