Restaurants that you should visit in Geneva !

Hiiiiiii !!! How are you ?  I think everyone are feeling euphoric right now because of Christmas and New Year !! I am so excited for real . This year i will stay here in Geneva with my family for the holidays. What are you guys up to ? Going somewhere or staying at home and having a family time ?

And because i slowed down with my travels this time , and i have more family time i had dinners in differents restaurants here in Geneva and yes , i was like why not , show you some new spots or places that you can visit and have fun , even being here in Geneva !

So fist of all i just wanted to mention the restaurants i visited so i can tell you about the ambiance and the food , maybe if you like this kind of post i can show some more of them . For now i will mention just few of them .

So don’t hesitate to tell me what you think about these restaurants did you ever visited Geneva and do you want me to do more post about Geneva like bars , museums ,etc.

By the way i already have one post about a museum in Geneva if you want to visit everything you have to do is to click here. 🙂

So here we go !

  1. Kampai Restaurant

Rue de Monthoux 25, 1201 Genève

website here :

This is a peruvian restaurant. And i discovered this restaurant through internet suggestion and like you already know my husband is peruvian so i proposed to him , if he want to go there and taste their food. So this is not a classic peruvian restaurant, it’s like peruvian and japanese fusion!

it’s different but so delicious! We had these meals the first one its sushi with some delicious sauces called causa and the other one is called ceviche and is fish in fresh lemon sauce so good !


Then we had lomo ! This one’s my favorite ever it’s a beef but so soft and so delicious under the meat there’s like puree of potatoes and beet ! Yumm!


For dessert we had, a lemon ice cream and chocolate fondant with passion fruit ice cream! It was so so good ! I have to tell you that i had a real pleasure to eat here .


2. Black Tap Craft Burger & Beer

Cours de Rive 6, 1204 Genève

Web site here :

This is the newest restaurant here in Geneva ! And when i went for the first time it was full !! So we were obliged to wait for a free table. But for me there’s no problem about that ! After the waiting i was so exited to taste their food !

And i wasn’t disappointed , everything i ordered was super delicious. Actually they make hamburgers and french fries also a vegan salads and more stuffs..  What i ordered was a crispy chicken wings with bbq sauce and french fries , and of course the milkshake ! Omg that milkshake is huuuuge !! But it tastes sooo good !! I went two times in this restaurant just because of the milkshakes haha!!


3. Ladurée

Rue du Mont-Blanc 1, 1201 Genève

Web site here

So !! If you’re from Geneva you know that one day you have to visit this restaurant ! Or taste some of the macarons!

We had breakfast there ! With some black tea and croissant and macarons of course ! It was very delicious ! And i like a lot the decoration of this restaurant ! It’s so dreamy and beautiful! I recomend really this restaurant if you want a good begining of the day with breakfast like this one !




Thank you for reading me again and i hope you liked  this post tell me what you think about it ..i hope you have a nice day everyone !!

Nady xx

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