Barcelona Travel Diary

Hola ! Like you can see this post is all about Barcelona ! And everyone who knows me know that this isn’t my first time here , but I just realized that I never did a post about Barcelona ! How crazy is that ? So why not just tell you about places or spots for good instagram pictures !I arrived here Friday morning, and I am here spending time with my family and just having fun ! Like you can see on my pictures the weather was pretty cool, sunny all the time , except the first two days was rainy! But it’s all good because everything i needed was a good party time so !  What I can say about Barcelona is that this city has such a good energy! I love how people are so kind and they love to party no matter what ! I tried out so much night clubs and bars but obviously I’m not going to all put them in this post , just going to recommend you few of them !


First day i arrived and first thing i did is have some coffee because i was so sleppy and i didn’t want to spend my first day sleeping , so a good coofee and i was good for a day full of shooping and chill. Day one was clam and i just spent time with my love and his familly.

day one bcn



More motivated and full of energy this day was super cool ! Went shopping At GRAND VIA 2 and treated myself ! I woke up happy and wanted to go shooping and just have fun. So that’s what i did and obviously had some good meals. Lately this day we went out to a nightclub and yes that’s was a day full of adventures haha !



This day we went to the Center or more precisely to Arenas where you can eat , or go to cinema go shooping , what ever you want! I went to place called Happy Rock Bar & Grill i really loved the food , it was like having tapas but the place was so pretty ! If you want to eat something good for good price this is a very good place ! Here are some pictures of the meals i had!



We went to see the beach finaly this day was so sunny and nice to walk and take some pictures and i can tell you i risked my life for some of my pictures this day ! You can see this picture in the middle of the road ! After this i laughed like crazy ! But hey don’t do this at home ! Hahah. I had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe and everything i can tell you about this is that i had the best hamburger ever ! It was delicous ! It’s a must try!


And this is some of my club outfits !


So this is all for this travel trip in Barcelona ! Tell me what you think about , hope you like it ! Have a good day .


Love ..

Nady xx

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