Best locations for perfect instagram picture !

Hello everyone! Hope you’re doing well! I’m here today to talk to you about some instagram tricks about how i find the perfect corner for my pictures and i think it will look pretty on my instagram feed !


So, I would say the perfect corner is a wall, like colored wall or just a black or grey wall is perfect so everything you have on you would be put in perspective! I love doing pictures in front of beautiful buildings with nice walls, I know it’s ridiculous but that’s just how I am 😂.


As I said there’s so many ways for you to find a perfect corner and it’s not just a wall , I often get crazy when I see beautiful stairs ! So I can just pose in the middle of the stairs and usually pictures are always nice looking ! You can try different poses , sitting down or just staying up and make gestures with hands , one hand up , or close to face.


Yes I absolutely love this kind of pictures on my feed because it gives life to your content and more colors ! The reason why I love to take pictures in open spaces is because you can just take a simple picture with the most simple outfit but then the place gives the beauty of the picture! And i have quite a lot of pictures like this!!


At home ! Exactly! I think every girl already have her own favourite place of thir home! I have a lot of pictures taken at home , so eveything you have to do is to find the perfect corner and make some pretty pictures, the positive side is that you can style as you want! I love these kind of pictures on my feed because i am also a design lover so i love when i can mix design and fashion togheter !

Hope you liked this post and i hope it will help you organise your instagram feed. Tell me what you think about ? Or how do you organize your feed ?
Have a good day


Nady xx

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