Same outfit different ways !

Hello everyone! Hope you’re doing good I’m here today to talk to you about how we can style the same outfit multiple times but with different details and accessories!! I already did that and it’s a life saver!

So for this trick I shoot one and unique outfit with T-shirt and shorts and then just changed the shoes and the bag !!

What so over you can do this with some dresses like to be more glamorous or pull out some rock outfit with black leather jacket and boots ! I totally love those looks !

I will upload my looks here so you can tell me in the comments which one do you prefer look 1 or look 2 !!

Hope you liked this short post of mine , there will be more for sure ! And I’m also prepping my next trip witch is really exciting! And of course there will be a new post about my trip !

Hope you have a great and a lovely day 💗


Look 1

Blouse : Mango

Shorts: Zara

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Bag: Wish

Sunglasses: Breshka

Look 2

Blouse : Mango

Shorts : Zara

Heels : Jimmy Choo

Bag : Wish

Sunglasses: Breshka

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