Coach x Disney collection review

Hiiii! I’m back ! After long long break because of my pregnancy I can finally feel the energy in me ! Lol if there’s any pregnant mama you’ll understand me !! Because being pregnant is such a challenge y’all ! But today I chose to talk to you about this wonderful spring 2019 collection Coach did with Disney !!

I love Coach and I think they’re such a inspirational brand ! This collection took all my attention because of course, it’s all cute !

Disney as a clothing, there’s nothing cuter !!

All the clothes are super cute ! I am sure every girl would like a sweatshirt with Mini or other Disney characters!

Here’s some of my favourites !

This all white outfit is totally my style! I love the size of the bag, and the printed style.

This bag is on my wishlist !!

This bag is on my wishlist!

Love these cute tops ! Especially the second une !

I see myself a lot in these two outfits! Looks so comfy and stylish! Also love the baby blue !

All these cute tops you can find them on their site Coach spring 2019.

There will be more posts , because in one week only I’m going to New York and Los Angeles ! Currently in Barcelona , for one week and then direction NYC !

Can’t wait to show you everything I’m going to be doing there ! I’m so excited!

Thank you for reading me !


Nady 💓

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