New York lookbook

What’s up guys ! Hope you’re doing great! So I decided to post something I wanted to post long time ago ! But since I’m busy with my baby , getting my things done is a whole workout! Lol

So Like you know I was in New York months ago , and I wanted to share some of my looks I was wearing there !

Look 1

This first look was my favorite ! It’s a transparent dress from H&M with my Gucci bag ! Love it

Look 2

This day was so cold that I instantly regretted my choice of wearing a dress !! But it was a super nice day and I really enjoyed visiting all these places ! 🙂 the whole look is from Stradivarius!

Look 3

This whole look si from C&A and very comfortable! I had so much fun in New York ! Hope I’ll be back soon and shoot a lot more looks. Obviously I was pregnant that time so my looks are not that fashionable! Lol but I’m happy anyway! Love this city !

What’s your favorite city in USA ? Did you ever visited the country? It was my first time , and not the last of course 😏

Wish you a very good weekend!

Love ❤️✌🏼

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