Los Angeles travel diary

Helloooo everyone! I’m so excited to be back and finally writing this down !! It took me like forever to make a post lately!!! Ugh! But I can’t complain about that because I’m spending mostly of my time with my baby boy and that makes me the happiest!!

So like you see I am going to talk about my trip to Los Angeles I did couple of months ago and it was the best thing ever ! I love that city so much !! Like I want to live there literally!

So starting with my travel diary, when we arrived at Los Angeles it was very late at night ! It was like 1am in the morning. We were so tired and went to sleep !

The next day was the day to explore and visit some places, so we went to Santa Monica and spent our evening there with some cocktails and food. It was great ! I have never seen prettier place that this one , I was truly happy looking the people walking around and the sunny weather!

Then when the sun went down we went to see the walk of fame at Hollywood boulevard! It was pretty nice but I expected to be like more glamorous I don’t know but anyways I loved it!

We chose to eat Mexican that night and decided to go eat at El Compadre , a really tradicional restaurant with all the decor and everything! The food was delicious and the music also !

Day two was were my dream came true and that’s because I saw the Hollywood sign for the first time !!! I was seeing that sign like all my life in the movies and thinking how cool would be to go there one day ! That day came and I was more than grateful! Later that day we were walking downtown La, had some cocktails and bought presents for my family and friends !

And that was it for this day because we were so tired because of the jet lag so we decided to go and sleep !!! I know that’s bad !! Haha 😂

Day tree ! So this day was a chill day ! The entire day we did shopping and walked around Rodeo drive so I found that place called Alfred tea and I was like I had to try !! So I did it ! And it was so cold and refreshing! Love it. Took some pictures at Beverly Hills sign and later that day we went to The Grove.

The Grove its like a small village that have multiple boutiques there’s even a Sephora, literally everything you want ! So I spent my money there !!! Hahah ugh! Who won’t ? Sephora was full and I bought some products that I actually can’t find in Europe!

The last day we went to Venice beach !! I spent my day there watching people surfing and skateboarding! It’s was so pretty !!! We found a Peruvian place there to eat so we stopped there and had some food and cocktails. Then we went shopping again !!! But this time when I finished with my purchases I figured out that u lost my leather jacket !! I was so upset 😭! But then I had to move and take a Uber to go to the airport!! So yep that’s was pretty much my trip to Los Angeles.

I previously did a post about where I was going about this trip , it was such a pretty adventure. New York then Los Angeles and then Las Vegas and San Francisco! I will also make a post for the others places u visited !Hope you liked this and I hope I will upload more travel posts !



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