What’s in my bag !?

Hello my lovelies!! Hope you have a wonderful day ! Here I am for another post about something I see very often on social media and that’s the tag « What’s in my bag? »

I remember I loved this kind of videos and wanted to see every girls’s bag on YouTube ! And I just thought why not to do a blog post about what I have in my bag !!

So yes before we start, I just want to mention that this are not the things I bring with me every single day ! Is just when I really know I would not be able to come back home because I work late or I am going to be busy and be out all the day ! Except my cameras , I do bring them with me lol.

I tried to do a video for you guys , but hey I am not use to it so maybe is not my best video ever but I am just going to start to figure it out slowly how to make cute videos and upload then here so you can watch them !!! Enough talking! Let’s get in to it !

This is the bag I take for a long day out or travel because she’s big enough to fit everything in !!! I love this bag it’s from the brand Coach and I have other bags from the same brand I can say they are durable and with high quality! If you decide to buy a designer bag I probably would recommend you this brand because it’s not that expensive but also not very cheap !

This is what I have in my bag ! Like you can see I have my agenda my make up bag , my hand cleansing gel, my charger, sunglasses, facial spray etc. I’m going to explain after every picture what I use how, and why.

So here you can see what I have in my make up I bring with me , this pretty pochete with animal print I bought from Victoria Secret it was a combo with 3 others small bags , I really like it. Inside I have some hand cream and lip balm from The Body shop, I bought them when I was in Los Angeles, then I have some face products like my setting spray from Urban Decay in small size you can take this when you travel it’s perfect. There are some body cream also, I really like the one from JoMalone love the smell of it , it’s called pomerange noir, then I have a cleansing gel from Clinique and another body cream from Avène all of them small sized of course. The mini serum from LaMer is so cute, I have some lipsticks,lipglosses and lipbalms . If there something that I use the most then it’s the lip balms. I love to have my lips hydrated and soft. The one I have are from Dior, Labello , Caudalie and Bobby Brown. I always bring with me the mini size of my perfumes because they are so much practical to use! The one I got are Chanel and Dior . Moving on , I have my finishing powder from TooFaced that I really love, and my blush from Nars very practical because you have a bronzer and a blush in a one. We can’t forget our cameras with us because we need pictures and more pictures!! Haha I am personally obsessed with taking pictures. My GoPro and the cutest camera ever is the DXO One, great quality!!

Here we have my facial spray from Evian that I can’t love without when in summer because it’s so hot and with this spray you can just refresh and hydrate your skin. Also always with my some tissues my mini hair brush a portable charger my AirPods , hair accessories and that’s it. Of course a pair of sunglasses because you never know when you will have to hide from people you don’t want to say hi ! LOL ! These are from Cèline . Love them. I always bring my agenda because I often forget things so it’s better for me to write them down!My credits carts are always with me of course and my iPhone !!!

I will leave a small video footage I did so you can see better or not , you tell me in the comments below!! hope you like it !!

So that’s what I hide in my bag you guys!!! Tell me about you what do you often bring with you in your bag ?? Do you like big bags or small bags ??

Thank you for reading me again !!

Love xx


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