Animal print fashion trend-How to wear animal print

Hii my lovelies !!! Today I wanted to post something that is really popular in this moment and that’s animal print !! Tried some things in this style and I loved !

I tried this top that is snake print , gorgeous! The funny thing is that I was having this top like for years , but never used !! So when I saw it while I was organizing my room I just thought it will be great to make couples of pictures with this top and then I found a perfect trench coat and this was the look . I want to style this look with black classic pants but I used black jeans instead! This one are from Zara . I completed this look with my beautiful like summary style jacket I don’t have the tag on so I don’t remember where I got it , bag from Gucci and boots from Dosenbach.

This is my look !

I will link here some similar tops that you can find , and there’s s lot !!

Snake print – River Island

Snake print mini dress – urban outfitters

Snake print top- Revolve

Snake print jacket- Revolve

Leopard print top – Zara

I think this trend is actually popping! I don’t know for , so you like this trend ? There’s also another trend and that’s the bicycle shorts ! I think this is cool also but for me it’s going to be difficult to use this kind of shorts because of my pregnancy recently , I just think k am not going to look good in it ! Anyway did you tried this trends ?? What do you think about it ? Tell me in the comments!

I hope you liked this post , looking forward to post more ! Thank you for reading me always.



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