How i edit my instagram photos !?!

Hiii guys !! How are you ? Hope you’re doing great. I will talk about one topic that I get asked often so I thought why not make a post about it. If you follow me on Instagram maybe you’re wondering how I edit my photos ?

So actually there’s no much I’m doing but there’s two applications that I love and I use every time I edit my photos for my Instagram or my blog. I know there’s a tons of other apps that are also good but I personally love these two.


I love using Lightroom because this app is perfect if your picture need more light I recommend you this app for sure. You have a lot different options. I will leave here some examples of edits I did.


So you can clearly see the difference between the pictures , other app I love using is Afterlight , often I edit my photos there if there’s no need of extra light or more colors, of the photo is already good but I want it to be more darker or more edgy I add some filters from this app ! And I love it !

Here’s some examples for this app also so you can chose which one you like better and maybe download on your phone.

Before and After

So that’s all I do !!! Tell me what do you think ? Witch applications do you use to edit your photos. ?! Or do you event editing your pictures? Or like them just the way they were taken ?

Thank you for reading me again ! Wish you a good weekend!

Love xx


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