Outfits ideas for Christmas holidays 🎄🌟❤️

Hi everyone! Hope you’re doing well! I’m here today to show you some outfit ideas for Christmas and New Year’s Eve! I just dit 2 complet outfit for you guys !

The first outfit is so nice , because it’s black and I love black ! I love the green bag that makes this outfit more stylish! You can also put some more accessories like rings and necklaces!

Bag : Bvlgari

Jacket : Guess

Heels : Jimmy Choo

Dress : zebra

Second look !

This look is more girly because it’s pink and every girl loves pink so I just thought it can be so cute for holidays ! It’s so comfy and beautiful! You can also use this with boots heels ! It can match so well ! I used 2 different dresses but both are pink just to give some idea how it looks! Witch one do you prefer! ?

Dress1 :

Dress2 :

Jacket : Guess

Bag :

Heels : Valentino

Okay so that’s gonna be my last post for this 2017 year ! I just wanted to say thank you for all of you who are supporting me and follow my fashion ideas ! I hope the new 2018 brings us some new experiences and a lots of love and joy ! Everyone deserve it ! Happy holidays and happy new year everyone!! 🎉🎇🎆🌠

Love u

Nadica 🌹

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