Spiritual awakening/ Part 1

This may be a comeback or not. Hi everyone, it took me so long to come back here. Actually today's topic has nothing to do with fashion, because I wanted to discuss about something that changed my life forever . Today is Friday 29 of April , it's currently 08:30 in the morning, as I … Lire la suite de Spiritual awakening/ Part 1


Thursday OOTD

Hiii!!! Hope you're having a great day!! I'm here to show you my OOTD. And this is the most casual outfit you can wear ! Jeans with cute top ! I love wearing this kind of looks , because it's comfortable and you can use this outfit in occasions like a chill birthday party or … Lire la suite de Thursday OOTD

Skin Care

If you know me well, you know that lately I try not to use much makeup and let the skin breathe, with this decission I am trying many products that are good for our skin! And you do not know how good it is! It's something that I did not often do before, but I … Lire la suite de Skin Care

French style 🎩

Hello everyone!!! Hope you're doing well! I did a shooting today here in Geneva ! It was sunny and nice so yeah ! My outfit today is special because ..the t-shirt and this waistcoat are from my husband's closet and this is what it make this look so special !!! Haha! Yes I always wanted … Lire la suite de French style 🎩